The tiBot project homepage

Current version is 0.1 (works, but featureless)

Yeah I know, the page looks really cheap right now. It should get better though (can't really get worse..)

Sorry to ruin all your hopes upfront, but tiBot is not functionnal enough yet to be used on a real IRC channel and perform anything useful. Currently most of what is done is some infrastructure in it. It should have enough functions to be reasonably useful by version 0.5.

What is tiBot?

tiBot is an automated IRC connection, known as bot, intended to help channel ops manage their channels. There are already alot of other bots out there, but none had all I wanted in a bot, so i decided to make my own (also allows me to apply alot of what i saw in theory in class, mostly about object oriented design and project management).

What I plan on building into tiBot :

What's currently usable?

tiBot is highly modular, and some parts of it are completed, and ready for use. You are free to use any of them in your projects, and modify them to suit your needs. I will make tarballs of them at a later time. for now, you can download them via anonymous CVS (see below).

Parts that are usable:

How do I get the good stuff?

You can download a tarball of the CVS repository (Jan 12 2000).
However, the tarball will not always be up to date. The latest version is available via anonymous CVS. To get the source tree, do the following:

cvs login

password is anoncvs


cvs co tibot

This will download a full version of the source tree to ./tibot.

Also tiBot's class documentation is available online. It has a few bugs due to KDoc though. You can download a copy through CVS as well with:

cvs co tibot-doc

What does tiBot depend on?

Since I'm not fond of rewriting tons of stuff myself, I used a few things that were readily available. Most of you probably have at least part of those dependencies installed.

Can I help?

I welcome any help, test/problem reports, even patches. If you want to help the project, write to , stating what part interrests you the most. That way I can know what's being done, and avoid having developpers lose time writing the same stuff.

Other stuff

Questions and comments welcome, drop a note to